Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kolot HaLev's Annual Concert

The Sounds of Freedom

2850 Quebec Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20008

Kolot haLev will devote its sixth Annual Concert to musical selections for Pesah - The Sound of Freedom.  We are delighted to share this performance with the Adas Israel Choral Ensemble and most especially with Hazzan Arianne Brown, a remarkable guest artist.

The concert will consist of three sections:  
The first will be devoted to a variety of musical selections from the Haggadah as we tell the story of our freedom.   While the texts and music of Dayenu or Addir Hu may be familiar to our audience, the unique choral arrangements will help them understand the powerful lyrics in a new light.

The next section will be dedicated to love songs in English, the main theme of the Song of Songs.  Solos, duets and trios, including selections by contemporary composers as well as from the time of the Renaissance.

Incredibly beautiful Psalms taken from the Hallel service and rarely heard in our communities follows.  Among them will hear selections by prominent composers such as David Nowakowsky and Jacques Fromental Halevy.  

Finally, Kolot haLev will conclude the concert with rousing renditions of “Le Shana haBaa,” Machtenberg‘s “Sheheheyanu” and “Shnirele Perele,” inviting the audience to dream with a future when redemption will arrive for the whole world.

Admission: $18 adults ($20 at the door) $6 Students & Children


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Kolot HaLev - Voices of the Heart - embodies the love of music and the community of people who come together every Thursday evening to learn new music and sing together as one voice. We thrive in seeing the happiness on the faces of our concert audiences, the excitement in the air, and the explosion of applause and bravo’s!


Kolot HaLev has performed in various venues, including the North American Jewish Choral Festival, the Jewish Heritage Museum in New York City, Arlington National Cemetery, and elsewhere in the DC area.


Our mission is to recover the treasures of Jewish music that have disappeared from our communities and bring them back for everyone to hear and enjoy, as well as to acquaint audiences with newly composed inspiring Jewish choral music.


Through our music, we aspire to build bridges between denominations through the experience and spirituality of this profoundly moving choral music.


Audiences have been pleasantly surprised that a community choir, without auditions, sings sophisticated and varied music at such a high level.